Monday, February 29, 2016

Resilience: Missionaries And Disaster Relief

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Missionaries not only spread inspiring words to various communities, but also share kindness through quick response and assistance during and after natural disasters. Sadly, many countries that are susceptible to these destructive forces of nature are those with already-existing depressed economies. In some cases, previous disasters have left these nations with high levels of poverty and even damaged infrastructure, making them highly vulnerable to a variety of risks when more environmental crises strike.

Many missionaries aim to help people in these countries in times of emergency. They are trained to prepare for relief operations and to respond to crises.Through donations from sponsors, both private individuals and organizations around the world, these missionaries are among the first to respond to the basic needs of disaster victims.

Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and similar tragedies all put victims in an insecure situation. Missionaries are able to provide basic needs like food, clean water and clothing. They can also provide temporary shelters (called tent cities) or even help rebuild homes which may have been damaged in landslides or floods. They also provide hygiene kits and medical supplies. As part of their immediate response, some missionary teams are able to conduct medical missions by sending teams of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and other medical staff to areas where they are needed the most.

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Missionaries are highly committed to their social work. They not only provide immediate and temporary relief, but they may also stay for months, or even years, to make sure that these communities have fully recovered and can take care of themselves should another tragedy head their way.

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