Thursday, December 25, 2014

Inspired giving: Various ways to promote and teach about charity

Reaching out to others in need whenever there is an opportunity to help is important whether one gives time or money. Speaking out further for a good cause encourages people to campaign for a better world. The act of charity and the spirit of giving have been elevated in the past few years following the natural disasters, state conflicts, and terrorist attacks that threaten the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged around the globe. People dig deeper into their pockets to offer needed relief to survivors of unprecedented tragedies.

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So how can charity become a habit? There are different ways, such as the following, to promote and teach the value of charity to others:
1. Make a donation. Scour closets and root out clothes that haven’t been worn in a while which can be given to charities. Encourage children to select toys they wish to donate, this way kids are involved early about the idea of charity. Donating a sum of money, regardless of amount, is a very practical way to help, too.

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2. Give blood. Donate blood and invite others to do so as well. Talk to them why you choose to donate blood and how this charitable act will help save lives. To promote the cause further, register to host a blood drive and involve the community to take part in saving lives.
3. Volunteer. There are different types of volunteer activities that one can be involved in depending on skills or training, and sometimes just for socialization and fun. Serving others is a good chance to give back and promote community service.

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There are those who go beyond the confines of volunteerism to share about Jesus’ love in unreached areas—they are called missionaries. Gospel for Asia, a Christian missionary organization, sends trained missionaries to unreached parts of Asia to transform communities by sharing the love of Christ. Their missionary work on the field exemplifies a selfless act of charity that creates a ripple effect of positive impact in numerous ways.
Gospel for Asia founder K. P. Yohannan tirelessly commits to spreading the love and light of Jesus Christ to remote areas of South Asia. Read on about discipleship and spirituality by visiting this website.